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Credit investing with integrity

Nordic Credit Partners is a niche Nordic asset manager focused on sustainable credit investments. Founded in 2013, we have 10 years’ through-the-cycle track record with top-decile performance. The experienced portfolio management team is backed by a senior investment committee and qualified industry and sustainability advisers.

Our funds

Nordic Credit Partners invests in sustainable Nordic credit, targeting an attractive through-the-cycle risk-adjusted return. The investment strategy dates back to our inception in 2013 and we currently manage two Luxemburg-based funds (2020 vintages): Sustainable Corporate Bond 2XL and Sustainable Return.

Sweden-based NCP III (2017 vintage) is being harvested with top-decile performance and repaid to investors during 2023.

Two legacy funds, NCP I (2013 vintage) and NCP II (2015 vintage), have reached maturity and been repaid to investors with top-decile performance in their respective vintages.


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Our Team

Executive and portfolio management

NCP’s funds are managed by a portfolio management team with long-standing experience from private equity, private debt, leverage finance and sustainability investing from some of the world’s leading financial institutions and consultancy firms.

Similarly, our operations, sales and IR professionals have a background from leading Nordic and international financial institutions with experience in serving investors across Europe.

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Emil Ahlin

Thomas Segell

Karl-Fredrik Hansson

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