Transparency of Sustainability risks

We operate from the perspective that companies that have an integrated sustainability strategy is better equipped to manage all factors impacting the company and thus positively impacting the return of the funds.

By integrating sustainability factors into investment decisions, we widen our corporate performance analysis enabling fully informed investment decisions and risk-reduction in investment management. Incorporating ESG analysis into the investment decision-making process also supports NCP’s core business model and strategies as well as ensures optimisation of investment opportunities for the benefit of NCP’s investors and for the development of sustainability in society at large.

NCP has a thorough due diligence process for integrating sustainability risks and ESG factors into the investment decision-making process with a strong focus on each company’s management of its material ESG factors. The ESG analysis of a company has the same weight in investment decisions as the financial analysis and a company will only be considered for an investment if it demonstrates a strong understanding of its exposure to sustainability risks.

The bottom line is that sustainable investing for NCP means investing in companies that have a sound governance of all factors impacting the company on both the short and long term.

All NCP funds comply with our basic sustainability criteria and do not invest in companies engaged in activities that violate international guidelines and conventions or companies that are active within oil and gas, the weapon industry, pornography, tobacco, gambling, or have more than 10 percent from alcohol sales.

NCP fully support the Paris Agreement and by the integration of ESG factors in investment decisions we want to be a part of reaching the goal to keep global temperatures well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

You can find our Responsible Investment Policy below, with a detailed description of how we work with sustainability and sustainability risks across our investments.