About Nordic Credit Partners

Nordic Credit Partners (“NCP”) was founded in 2013 but our history dates back to the global financial crisis 2008. When the Basel II and III standards came into effect and banks reduced lending to SME’s, the alternative Nordic credit market started to grow within both direct lending and corporate bonds. Inspired by these events and the credit funds at his former employer Goldman Sachs, our CIO Jakob Eliasson drafted the original idea of what later became our first fund, NCP I.

Meanwhile, our three other founders Bengt Dennis (former Governor of Sweden’s central bank), Björn Wolrath (former CEO of insurance company Skandia) and Gunnar Eliasson (former CEO of Sweden Bond Promotion) separately caught interest in the growing Nordic credit market. Together with Jakob, they founded NCP with a target to generate attractive risk-adjusted return through investing in Nordic credit. Björn, Bengt and Gunnar constituted the original investment committee while Jakob served as CIO.

Following the launch of NCP II and NCP III during 2017-19, the team grew gradually with a focus on sustainability, sales and operations. In parallel, industry and sustainability councils were appointed to support the portfolio management team. In 2020, the funds were relocated to Luxemburg in order to facilitate investments from international investors. In preparation for obtaining an investment management license from the Swedish FSA, a new board with independent directors was elected in 2021.

Today, the team consists of Jakob (CIO) and Emil (Assistant Portfolio Manager) supported by the investment committee, industry and sustainability council on the investment side and Thomas (CEO) and Karl-Fredrik (Head of Sales & IR) on the operational side. The partners, board and committee members, advisors and original founders constitute the shareholders of NCP.


Vasagatan 28
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Tel: +46 73 435 33 10
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